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How To Write An Essay1


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How To Write An Essay1


In the following lessons you will be taught how to write a great English essay. Before starting you need to be familiarized with some points and definitions

Step by step you learn how to write an Essay

After we have learnt how to write a one-paragraph essay, we will be learning how to write a complete long essay

Stay with us

Lesson 1

The first thing you must know before starting is something which is called UNITY

what is unity

unity in an essay

All parts of your essay must have unity. You wonder what unity is

All parts of your essay must go together well. In another word, unity means oneness, it means that your piece of writing stick to one theme or story

Additionally, your paragraph must have one idea which talks about one main point which is called your topic sentence. If you don’t know what the topic sentence is, don’t worry in later lessons I will teach you how to write a great topic sentence

Moreover, you must omit any irrelevant ideas in your paragraph

For example: if you are going to write about a terrible party you had been to, you are not allowed to talk about the great drinks which you had there

Another example: if you are going to talk about a fascinating professor you had class with during your BA you are not supposed to write how he talked down to women

to conclude, you must stick to the main idea and you must not digress while writing

Example of a poor unity

the first day of my job was frustrating, first of all I didn’t know how to work with software installed on the PC, so there was a long queue in front of the cashier counter which made me really stressed. The second thing which was really boring for me were the coworkers. they weren’t really friendly at all, even they didn’t look at me let alone greeting or having a small talk. However, most of the things in my workplace are terrible and frustrating, my workplace is convenient better to say it is down stairs, part of my apartment. Another terrible thing is that I have to wear uniform all the time which is really frustrating. Finally, although the first day was a disaster, after a while I got used to the job and coworkers and everything else

We shouldn’t have written the bold parts in this paragraph by deleting the bold part we will have an example with a good unity

“you can see, the idea of unity is simple: stick to the point. Don’t be led astray by a word or idea in one of your sentences the way the writer was in the example above”

This is all about unity of an essay

What is coherence

coherence in writing 

the best way to define coherence is to look at its opposite: incoherence . if a woman runs into a room screaming, “fire, Dog, House!” we call her incoherent.” What does she mean by that? Does she mean that there is dog in house on fire? Or etc… although the woman wants to share something really important because we don’t know the connection between the words we don’t understand her properly. Coherence needs including those connections

“ you must not only present the support to the readers but also explain how it is related to the topic sentence.”


If you’ve ever bought a pomegranate, you probably know that it’s one of the most difficult foods to eat. Although The juice is delicious and a beautiful ruby color, it unfortunately drips everywhere, staining whatever it hits. Also frustrating, the bitter, inedible pulp seems impossible to avoid…

Just omit the bold, italicized words then read it again there is no coherence in this paragraph you don’t understand it fully

In order to have coherence in your sentences you some devices one of them is transition. By using transitions you will be able to have paragraph with good coherence

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