When I landed in Vancouver

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When I landed in Vancouver 

when I landed in vancouver 9 years ago


I feel you. I myself immigrated from Mexico after 9, 11. Back then, I didn’t know English. So, I had to look for work in my own community. What gets me is how some of your own kinds try to take advantage of you, when you are desperate. I have no problems speaking English now. I find it hard to stick to my new year’s resolution too. I wanted to quit smoking last year as my new year’s resolution but I kinna (kind of) gave up on it. It is not easy to kick the habit you know. Once you are hooked, you are hooked for good. If you are a heavy boozer, you won’t be able to wake up and go cold turkey the next day. On the bright side of it, you don’t have to fight off your demons like me. you just have to enrol in an English class, spend time watching more American shows, and speak English more often

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دوره های آیلتس، تافل، مکالمه، گرامر

یادگیری زبان انگلیسی


When I landed in Vancouver ۹ years ago, I found it very hard to adjust to the new country with a different language and culture. I don’t feel quite at home yet, as I have difficulties communicating with people in English. I am a renovator by trade, and I would like to work with different communities and land big contracts. Therefore, I have decided to make learning English my new year’s resolution. I know, I should not have unrealistic expectations, as it would take a long time to learn a new language. But I believe in what my father used to say, “ you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” I have to build new habits that stick with me for a long time

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when i landed in vancouver 9 years ago



Read the Text above and Answer the question

Which one of these characters is optimistic
Which one of these characters is more pessimistic
Which of these characters speaks formally
Which of these characters speaks informal

Glossary of when I landed in Vancouver

Land(ed) in Vancouver: Arrive(d) in Vancouver

I landed a lucrative contract: I managed to secure a juicy contract

Feel at home: To feel as if one belongs. To feel accepted

To adjust to a new country: To change one’s opinion or attitude toward a new country. To get used to something
It took me a long time to adjust to my new office

By trade: By professional training. By experience
Joe is a carpenter by trade but he also gets a lot of side work as an electrician
How do you make a living? I am a bank teller and I work as a chef on the side

To communicate: To make oneself understood with someone
We don’t seem to communicate with each other

Renovator: Remodeler, someone skilled at restoring a house
The house on Granville appeared to be so run-down that the Reno guy found it hard to quote a price for remodeling it

Resolution: Firm decision

Unrealistic: Unreal, idealistic

Expectation: Eager anticipation

Expect: To look forward to, anticipate
He expects me to work hard
I expect you to come to work on time

Stick with me: To stay with me

I feel you: I feel for you, I feel sympathetic

Immigrate: To move from one’s native country to another

Quit smoking: give up smoking

Kick the habit: quit smoking cigarettes or any drug habits

Go cold turkey: To suddenly and completely stop a bad habit

Kind of: To some degree; Sort of, somewhat

Hook: To addict come one
He started smoking weed recreationally but ended up being hooked for good
Are you hooked on Facebook? No, I am not addicted to Facebook

Booze: hard liquor

Boozer: A person who drinks alcoholic beverages to excess habitually

On the bright side: Considering the positive aspects of a situation

What gets me: What annoys me; what irritates me

When I landed in Vancouver
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