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دانلود لیسنینگ انگلیسی Bill Maher برنامه تلوزیونی برای Listening

real time with bill maher لیسنینگ با برنامه تلوزیونی

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دانلود لیسنینگ انگلیسی Bill Maher برنامه تلوزیونی برای Listening


همان طور که قبلا در مقاله آموزش Listening زبان انگلیسی به روش Truth & Iliza گفته شد یکی از اصول آموزش زبان انگلیسی بهبود وضعیت مهارت شنیداری می باشد که برای آموزش آیلتس و تقویت و آمادگی در آزمون های مختلف تاثیر مهمی دارد که می توانید با دانلود لیسنینگ انگلیسی به این مهم دست یابید.

اگر دانش زبانی قابل قبولی دارید و به دنبال منابع لیسنینگ می گردید وقت خود را صرف پیدا کردن کتاب ها و منابع آموزشی نکنید بهترین منبع برای شما اینترنت و برنامه های تلوزیونی می باشد.

می توانید فایل های صوتی انگلیسی را دانلود نمایید و از آنها بهره مند شوید.

دانلود لیسنینگ انگلیسی

بهترین راه پیدا کردن فایل مناسب و برنامه مناسب ان است که به چیزی که علاقه مند هستید رجوع کنید و به دنبال برنامه ای بگردید که دوست دارید. در این بخش می توانید لیسنینگ انگلیسی Bill Maher را مشاهده کنید و اگر خوشتان آمد می توانید ویدیو های بیشتری از این برنماه را دانلود و گوش کنید.

لیسنینگ انگلیسی با Bill Maher

سال ها پیش که دوران کارشناسی خود را می گذراندم از طریق دوستی با این برنماه آشنا شدم و از طریق اینترنت هر هفته برنامه را دانلود میکردم و سر فرصت تماشا می نمودم.

با این کار در مدت بسیار کوتاهی توانستم به لهجه امریکایی عادت کنم و به دلیل این که سرعت و ادبیات خاص به خود را داشت به شدت بهبود چشم گیری در شنیدن دیگر اخبار و برنامه های تلوزیونی برایم داشت.

متن لیسنینگ انگلیسی Bill Maher

you can jab your finger out at all you

like it won’t make it come any faster
and finally new rule until someone
claims to see Christopher Hitchens face
in a tree stump idiots must stop
claiming that atheism is a religion
there’s one little difference religion
is defined as the belief in and worship
of a superhuman controlling power and
atheism is precisely not that got it
atheism is a religion like abstinence is
a sex position
believe it or not I don’t really enjoy
talking about religion all the time in
fact not only is atheism not a religion
it’s not even my hobby and that’s the
best thing about being an atheist it
requires so little of your time but
there is a growing trend in this country
that needs to be called out and that is
to label any evidence-based belief a
religion many conservatives now say that
belief in manmade climate change is a
religion and Darwinism is a religion and
of course atheism the total lack of
religion is somehow our religion –
according to the always reliable
encyclopedia moronica now it’s a Dodge
of course
straight out of the grand intellectual
tradition of I know you are but what am
i it’s a way of saying hey we all
believe in some sort of faith-based
malarkey so let’s call it a push no no
no no no it’s not fair that people who
can’t defend their own nonsense get to
create a fake fair and balanced argument
the way they do in asserting that
evolution and creationism are equally
valid I’m not saying that atheists are
perfect thinkers everyone has blind
spots I’m sure there are atheists who
think ponytails look good on a man
pineapple belongs on a pizza and ran was
an important thinker but but when it
comes to religion we’re not two sides of
the same coin and you don’t get to put
your unreason up on the same shelf with
my reason your stuff has to go over
there on the shelf with Zeus and Thor
and the Kraken with the stuff that is
not evidence-based stuff that religious
people never change their mind about no
matter what happens
that’s not a theism I’m open to anything
for which there’s evidence show me a God
and I will believe in him if Jesus
Christ comes down from the sky during
the halftime show of this Sunday’s Super
Bowl and turns all the nachos into
loaves and fishes and well I’ll think
two things first
how dare he interrupt Madonna she is
going to be pissed
and – oh look at that I was wrong there
he is
my bad praise the Lord but that’s not
going to happen in short of that if you
still insist atheism is a religion that
it’s only fair that we get to do all the
loonies stuff that you get to do and I’m
going to start tonight by unbaptized
Mitt Romney’s dead father-in-law yes in
case you didn’t hear it was discovered
last week that Edward Davies and
Romney’s father and enthusiastically
anti religious scientist who called
organized faith hogwash
was posthumously baptized in the Mormon
tradition fourteen months after he died
they tried to do it sooner but he
wouldn’t stop spinning in his grave so
here then is history’s first unbaptized
ceremony right now
for the late Edward Davis dearly beloved
we are gathered here today in the
presence of math gravity evolution and
electricity to honor brother Edward and
to send the powers of SEAL Team six 66
to rescue him from Planet Club so that
he may spend eternity with the kind of
free thinkers he chose to hang out with
on earth so by the power granted to me
by the Blair Witch
shamil schlemazel a pluribus mumbo jumbo
expecto patronum su-su-sudio yo mama I
call upon the Mormon spirits to leave
your body the fuck alone
brother Edward in this world you had to
put up with Mitt Romney you’ve suffered
enough all right that’s our show I’ll be
at the bar
on March 17th
at the Andrew Jackson hallmark safety I
want to thank susie orman
well or Michael

babies watches on overtime right now

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