The Mummy’s Review


The Mummy’s Pre-Review

The other day I encountered a short review of the mummy, which is directed by Alex Kurtzman. In the review of the mummy he delivered great points, make sure you peruse it and learn very nice words and expressions as I did. Curiously, I navigated the net to grasp some information about the mentioned movie. Although, there were lackluster reviews about the mummy, I determined to watch it. So, what I did was to search for a website to download the movie. Had I not talked to my cinephile friend, I couldn’t have found the mummy’s downloadable link. having obscure picture of the mummy, I have to watch the flick to take in precise info about it. As far as I perceived, the mummy hasn’t got a vivid plot, hindsight, dispensing a plot summary is drastically arduous. By the way, reading the magnificent review is thoroughly recommended. Read the review, and you will learn quite a few idioms, collocations and expressions

نویسنده: محمد علی هاشمی



Subordinating conjunction: although

.There were lackluster reviews about the mummy. I determined to watch it
.There were lackluster reviews about the mummy, but I determined to watch it
.Although there were lackluster reviews about the mummy I determined to watch it
.Although he didn’t study well he passed the exam with a good mark

:Wh-cleft sentence

.what I did was to search for a website to download the movie
.What I need is a piece of paper

:Third conditional with inversion

Had I not talked to my cinephile friend, I couldn’t have found the mummy’s downloadable  link
(if I had not talked to my….)

.If I hadn’t been to Japan on my holiday, I would have been to Italy



The other day: some days ago
Peruse: reading something very carefully
Navigate: search, surf
Grasp: understand, find out
Lackluster review: negative review. Opposite of lackluster review is glowing review
Cinephile: a person who likes and watches movies a lot. Movie buff
Obscure: not clear
Flick: movie
Take in: understand
Precise: adequate, exact
Perceive: understand
Vivid: clear
Dispense: provide
Arduous: difficult, hard
Magnificent: marvelous, great, perfect
Thoroughly: strongly


The Mummy’s Review

فیلم مومیایی

This ludicrously over plotted and under conceived horror thriller, directed by Alex Kurtzman, also squanders a fine cast, headed by Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. Cruise plays Nick Morton, an antiquities hunter working with the U.S. Army in Iraq, who accidentally exhumes the five-thousand-year-old mummy of the Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Boutella), a murderer possessed by a curse. Meanwhile, a London Underground excavation uncovers a medieval vault filled with Crusade plunder—including the gem that gave Ahmanet her evil powers—and she comes back to life, with devastating results, to recover it. Along the way, she tries to possess Nick, who’s in love with the archaeologist Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), and gory violence ensues. There’s also a Jekyll-and-Hyde story featuring Russell Crowe, storms of birds, swarms of rats and spiders, live embalming, face-eating, and urban apocalypse; the over-all effect is that of a grab bag of supernatural shock tropes thrown together at random. The movie’s huge sets, big stars, and fussy cinematography are at odds with the slapdash direction and the flimsy story, which are better suited to Grade-Z low-budget fare

مقاله زیر را به هیچ وجه از دست ندهید  نحوه صحیح تقویت ریدینگ



ludicrously over plotted and under conceived horror film: absurdly overplotted and underdeveloped horror film; A horror film which has too many plots to the point that it seems ridiculous

Squander: To spend wastefully

A fine cast: A good set of actors in a play, movie

Antiquities hunter: A person whose job is to find objects or relics dating from ancient times

Exhume someone or something: To dig up or unearth something or someone

Mummy:The dead body of a human or animal that has been embalmed and prepared fo

burial, as according to the practices of the ancient Egyptians

To be possessed by something: To be controlled by something

Plunder: that which is taken in plundering; loot

Vault: a strongroom for the safe-deposit and storage of valuables

A gem: A piece of a valuable mineral or mineral like substance that has been cut, polished, or otherwise prepared for use as an ornament

A curse: A saying, charm, effigy, etc, used to invoke a curse

To devastate: to destroy

Devastating: Destructive

Gory:Full of bloodshed and violence

Recover:To search for, find, and bring back

Ensue: To take place as a result of

Archaeology:The systematic study of past human life and culture by the recovery and examination of remaining material evidence, such as graves, buildings, tools, and pottery

A Jekyll and Hyde story :is a story about a character whose mood is impossible to anticipate at any given time, who can turn evil or good very suddenly. It is also an allusion to the main character of Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde

A swarm of: A large number of

Embalm: To treat a corpse with preservatives in order to prevent decay; mummify

Apocalypse: A great catastrophe that results in widespread destruction or the collapse of civilization

A grab bag: A collection of miscellaneous things

Tropes: Elements

At random: randomly, haphazardly

The over-all effect is that of a grab bag of supernatural shock tropes thrown together at random: The general effect is like that of a collection of supernatural shock tropes that are thrown together in a higgledy-piggledy fashion

Set: The scenery, furniture etc used in a place where a film or a television show is being made

Fussy(adjective): Inclined to fuss over minor points; meticulous; finicky

Slapdash: hasty and careless, as in execution: slapdash work

To be at odds with something: To be in conflict with something

Flimsy: Lacking solidity or strength; easily damaged: a flimsy table

Z movies :are low-budget films that have qualities lower than B movies
Low-budget fare: Low-budget menu

The Mummy’s Review
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