How we ended up finding one another

این مقاله توسط محمدعلی هاشمی در تاریخ نوشته شده است و سطح این متن است.
مطالعه این متن نیازمند صرف دقیقه زمان می باشد.

Ended up finding one another

ended up finding one another

Where did you find the book-

I came across it while I was cleaning up the mess in-

آموزش تضمینی زبان انگلیسی

دوره های آیلتس، تافل، مکالمه، گرامر

یادگیری زبان انگلیسی

the closet

Have you ever noticed, you sometimes come across your-
stuff in the unlikeliest places

I know, things go missing for quite a long time and-
just out of the blue, they turn up in a cubbyhole when you least expect them.
It sounds weird, the other day I came across my childhood friend after 30
years. I was at this bar in downtown, and I thought I heard somebody talking to
me in my mother tongue. The big, broad-shouldered guy asked me if I had gone to
Jam school in Tehran. I could not believe my eyes, as it turned out we were
homies back in the day, our friendship going back to the 80’s

What does he do-

He is the owner of the bar now.It is amazing how we drift apart and think we won’t see one another ever again but it
turned out, we immigrated to the same country and ended up finding one another
in the same city, after 30 years

written by: Mohammad Sadegh Balouchi

how we ended up finding one anothe


To Come across: To find or meet by chance

To come across as(like): To appear in a certain way

I did not want to come across as a rude person

He may come across like a bully, but he is a nice person


The unlikeliest: The most improbable

Out of the blue: At a completely unexpected time

To turn up: To appear; to be found

Cubbyhole: Cubicle; hole; den; compartment

To drift apart: To lose personal contact gradually

Homie: Homeboy, close friend


Adjective arrangement

General opinion+ specific



The big, broad-shouldered guy started talking to me

The boy had given him two fresh, small tunas

He drives a small, red, Japanese car

I got to a point where I decided to quit working for the
ugly, old manager

I loved to drive big, black, American vehicles

How we ended up finding one another
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